Sunday, 1 February 2009

"Stop the extreme right"? No, they're just scared of it.

Various papers have been telling me that it's the usual anti-BNP protests from Labour et al ahead of the elections.

The reason is that Labour haven't served those they are supposed to represent, so the voters move to the BNP who they think will represent them more. Clearly they are very misguided (let's go back to the 1930s Germany) and don't know what's in store for them.

The BNP's manifesto has some very good policies, but also some incredibly bad ones - I can't agree on them in the economy or on race. Many of these policies means that they are wooing Labour voters - and Labour are scared of this.

Perhaps if we had a government that served the people, and gave the British jobs first before importing workers. I'm beginning to loathe the EU (and its freedom of movement of labour policy especially) more by the day.

I burnt a few cocktail stick EU flags earlier. I will not stand around watching children indoctrinated. I was naive once, then I found out the truth about the EU.

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