Sunday, 8 February 2009

It's our travel details next!

The government is now planning another Orwellian database in the name of "fighting crime, illegal immigration and terrorism" - to store all of our travel details.

I have no idea how it will fight crime, illegal immigrants come in the back of lorries so surely won't be included, and terrorists will be smart enough to avoid it.

And what happens when this gets left on a laptop in Heathrow? The terrorists will know exactly the plane to target - the one with a certain Mr Brown on it.

If I have nothing to hide, why the need for this surveillance? Perhaps if the government took our borders, police and society more seriously, these 1984-style databases wouldn't be required. It's frightening - how easy it is for the government to remove civil liberties, one by one, without people waking up to reality.

Welcome to the Big Brother state.

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