Thursday, 19 February 2009

Ever so democratic

Vaclav Klaus, the Czech Eurosceptic President of the EU has given a speech to the Parliament, supposedly the EU's cradle of democracy.

It's about time that European integration was criticised by the President. It is not good that MEPs decide to walk out on this speech. I don't remember the eurosceptic MEPs walking out on Sarkozy, or any of the other integrationists. How ironic that when he talks about the need for opposition, that those that oppose him just walk out? When he compared the EU to the old communist states (undemocratic and elitist), the ever-so-mature federalists walked out; when he asked for tolerance, he was told to shut up.

The immaturity of the federalists strikes me, not to mention their opposition to free speech and democracy. Let's get rid of these immature fools on the 4th of June.

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