Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Pupils should not be taught Twitter

The government's new dumbing-down plan? Teach primary school children how to use Twitter.

First of all, I'd be rather insulted at the patronising attitude they are using if they have to be taught how to type text into a box. And that said, do we really need to teach such obvious, common sense logic to children? No.

Even more sickening is that British history is being removed. These children will have no sense of national identity, no patriotism, little idea of what their forefathers did for their nation. But that's what the PC lefties want - they want some multicultural utopia.

In the long run this is going to make our population, and indeed our workforce, deficient. In economic terms it will shift long run aggregate supply inwards. That is a major cause of concern for anyone - Labour only care about short term gain over long term requirements. They've ruined my education, and I don't want them to ruin anyone else's.

Please, please, get rid of this awful government. Bring in free schools that are able to set their own curriculum, and let parents decide where to send their kids. That way this rubbish and any other loony-left nonsense will be obliterated. Funny that the National Curriculum was introduced to stop this sort of rubbish being taught to kids, but it's now infiltrated the system.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

McBroon in Strasbourg today

Indeed. But the old Beeb didn't report about this excellent speech by Daniel Hannan.

Since he's outside the EPP, he was actually able to speak - another reason to leave the EPP. I've seen him as an excellent politician for some time now who's wasted in that joke Parliament - speaking the truth!

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

A breath of relief

Some good news - the Conservatives are to leave the EPP after the 2009 elections. They had no place in that federalist grouping and to create a grouping that seeks reform and power to the people, as opposed to too much power to Brussels, is welcomed. Hopefully this will create some real opposition in the chamber and the childish integrationists will learn to accept it, rather than just walk out.

The gun control loons are out again

They love these massacres, don't they? It gives them a chance to further their agenda, while accusing those who disagree of a "lack of compassion".

What if a teacher had a handgun under a desk, and was trained to use it? May well have decreased the death toll significantly.

It's an incredibly saddening event in any case, and RIP to all those killed, and condolences to their families.

Thursday, 5 March 2009

The Bank of England is irresponsible

The Bank of England has cut rates to 0.5% and has started quantitative easing today, in a bid to ease the recession.

Clearly they haven't recognised that the cuts so far haven't worked, and will solve nothing. You cannot solve a crisis creating by borrowing too much by encouraging even more borrowing.

Quantitative easing is an incredibly risky, irresponsible tool. Last time it was used in this way we had 27% inflation, and it took a long time to get us out of it - luckily we had Thatcher. To increase the money supply will inherently cause inflation, since more money chasing scarcer goods will push prices up. Take 1920s Weimar Republic or present-day Zimbabwe as an example - wheelbarrows anyone?

We are quite literally staring at huge debt and a hugely devalued currency in the face. I don't trust the BoE to be responsible with how much it changes the government's accounts to, or with encouraging more borrowing.

Not to mention it's a further nail in the coffin of savers, who are getting very little interest (which will probably be reduced to zero) and the value of savings evaporating by inflation.

A better way would be to encourage saving now with higher interest rates, then after a few months when confidence is higher reducing them and encouraging investment and spending then. That way banks will have money to lend - real money - and is the reason why building societies don't go bust.

I'm changing my money into whichever foreign currency is the strongest, asap.

Monday, 2 March 2009

Surveillance is not compatible with presumption of innocence

Presumption of innocence has been one of the foundation stones of fair justice since the Middle Ages in Britain, and has made us respected around the world for our constitutional liberty ever since.

However it is under attack, not completely by the law but from the surveillance state that has slowly been created in the past 11 years.

We are the most watched country in the UK, with one camera for about every 14 people. Do we really need that many cameras when, according to a chief constable, they only help with 3% of crimes?

The government has many databases, including the DNA database that holds your details whether convicted of a crime or not - so you could be locked up on pure suspicion of an offence that you would never be convicted of, but still lose your liberty. We have a database of phone calls coming soon, which is simply an infringement on personal liberty. It might catch petty offences or minor instances that might make the headline of the Sun (take an MP calling another woman regularly, for example) - but criminals are far craftier - and not to mention the ease at which they can be left on trains, or lost in the post.

The real point is that such surveillance, and I only include 3 examples, treat every normal citizen as a criminal. They have to be watched to make sure they do nothing wrong. That is a presumption of guilt, not a presumption of innocence. Believe the "nothing to hide, nothing to fear" brigade if you want to, but these people are simply naive.