Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Pupils should not be taught Twitter

The government's new dumbing-down plan? Teach primary school children how to use Twitter.

First of all, I'd be rather insulted at the patronising attitude they are using if they have to be taught how to type text into a box. And that said, do we really need to teach such obvious, common sense logic to children? No.

Even more sickening is that British history is being removed. These children will have no sense of national identity, no patriotism, little idea of what their forefathers did for their nation. But that's what the PC lefties want - they want some multicultural utopia.

In the long run this is going to make our population, and indeed our workforce, deficient. In economic terms it will shift long run aggregate supply inwards. That is a major cause of concern for anyone - Labour only care about short term gain over long term requirements. They've ruined my education, and I don't want them to ruin anyone else's.

Please, please, get rid of this awful government. Bring in free schools that are able to set their own curriculum, and let parents decide where to send their kids. That way this rubbish and any other loony-left nonsense will be obliterated. Funny that the National Curriculum was introduced to stop this sort of rubbish being taught to kids, but it's now infiltrated the system.

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