Wednesday, 6 May 2009

ID Cards

Manchester residents can voluntarily sign up for ID cards, according to the BBC.

I've seen "queue up" used on various blogs. Let's be honest, there won't be any queues, there will just be a few nutters, people trying to look cool, and Labour MPs signing up. £60 to hand over my details for them to lose? Give it a break. I'll be renewing my passport asap at the end of the year when my current one expires.

The BBC is obsessed with the cost issue, which is a problem, but far more important is the civil liberties issue. Pilots have been forced to have an ID card for an airside pass - how long until I have to have an ID card for a driving licence, or a gym card, or to buy a chocolate bar in the shop? They aren't voluntary at all. I'd also rather not having a government following me around, a government that inherently gives itself more and more power.

ID cards should be scrapped now, or at least postponed until after the next election (if the Tories win they'll be scrapped, and Labour will have a mandate if they somehow manage to win).

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