Sunday, 3 May 2009

30 years

I don't remember Margaret Thatcher, and neither did I see before her, but I certainly see her legacy and how it's been destroyed.

The socialist myths that she brought this country to its knees - it's hard to bring a country at its knees to its knees! By defeating the trade unions that had made the nationalised companies so inefficient (not that they aren't inherently inefficient) she made this country great once again.

Disposable income has doubled since 1979, far more people own cars, living standards are up, etc etc.

And now we have to do it all over again. Now Brown's hopeless borrowing has put this country in a poor state, and it's about time we trusted the market and capitalism to raise us back up to the respected position we should have in the world.

Thatcher wasn't perfect by any means; she centralised far too much and snooped too much, as well as the social decline; but her economic policies had us in good stead.

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