Tuesday, 20 January 2009

What's with the Obama obsession?

Across the world it seems people are worshipping him as if he's going to solve the world's problems, perhaps even save the world as Gordon Brown claimed, etc.

First of all, I like Obama. I think he's a charismatic, leader-like figure - a great speaker and someone who can lead America. I don't like his policies however, nor the worldwide obsession.

He's black (or indeed mixed race). That's the way he was born, get over it. It makes little different to the sort of leader he is, although it's certainly an achievement when you think of Martin Luther King just over 40 years ago was campaigning for desegregation. Yes, it's a sign of incredible change, but it's come about because a black man like Obama has proved that he can win the people's support. It's meritocracy as far as I can see, he outdid the other candidates.

The worldwide obsession annoys me. He's not going to save the world, I don't see him having major effects worldwide except for not starting wars in the Middle East, and so on. His domestic policies don't look great, although I won't have to see the effect of them.

But all credit to him, his inauguration speech was excellent, it put shivers through your spine as his speeches often do.

As for Bush, he's gone back to Texas, and I'm sure the Americans don't mind.

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