Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Tackling each problem one by one

How did it all start? History GCSE, the Weimar Republic in fact, and diagrams of left/right explaining the parties. That's what first gave me some knowledge of how politics worked, even if it was in a vastly different system to what we have in the UK.

Having realised the amount of politically correct rubbish that has been practically forced into us, often subtly, be it the expansion of racism to what really isn't racist (e.g. black coffee), the decline in any respect for morality or the myth of global warming created only to control, I have realised it's about time some common sense was pushed into the system.

I note that another major reason is the European Union - only through finding myself, sometimes inadvertently, information about the British payments to the EU, the waste, the fact the auditors don't sign off the accounts, the lack of democracy or accountability, and right down to the EU directive that schools should "teach the European dimension" (i.e. indoctrinate that the EU is good) and that means I had no awareness of this before my interest in politics came about. It's about time British leaders showed some strength and stood up for British interests in Europe. If we can't carry out our interests while in the EU, it is not in our interest to be in there, simple as that. If you ask a Europhile why the EU is good, you get the same answer, "it's unified Europe and stopped wars". That is rubbish for a number of reasons. Both world wars were sparked due to pan-Nationalism - in WW1 excluding colonialism and the offshoots of that the Habsberg Empire's ceding of Bosnia, while WW2 was sparked by Hitler's expansionism. The Habsberg army failed to cope with 14 languages, something that the proposed EU army will certainly have problems with. There has not been a war on the continent because the former Powers are now liberal democracies (apparently) with no interest in attacking each other. I also remind you of Yugoslavia, that was a superstate of many peoples that failed simply because of that - the EU is more likely to create wars, especially when it doesn't like criticism.

Which then moves me on to the subversion of democracy. Damian Green was arrested for publishing leaked material - hardly a crime, but according to the Met, it was - proving exactly why we need elected police chiefs which will rid us of the likes of Ian Blair and Bob Quick because no sane person could vote for either to be running their police. Parliament has lost its power to both the EU and quangos, and is in danger of just becoming a Welsh Assembly-esque talking shop - that would be a sad day. Taking a look at the latest Queen's Speech shows how we are practically just another region of the EU submitting to its every wish, not a democratically guided nation. Local councils have no real power - I take you to a recent decision in Newport. A company applied to build new houses and a new building of some sort (that would require more traffic on an already congested road).
Local survey - rejected the plans
Local people - rejected the plans
Local council - rejected the plans
Welsh Assembly - accepted the plans
Contempt for local people's views; localism is something recognised since the Poor Law which was administered locally and should be respected - democracy and freedom are the founding stones of the UK - take them away and we are just part of a puppet state.

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