Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Equality applied to........the old class war!

An article in today's Daily Mail is an eye-opener - not only have they applied their principles of "equality" and "positive action", which is normally anti-white anti-male discrimination, but now they want to legislate to stop the middle classes' "unfair advantage".

I've been brought up in a middle class family, and I have friends from working class families. The differences are massive. Generally, middle class parents apply rules and discipline, make sure they do well in school, and the like - just as their parents did. Working class parents don't and just give up - just as their inept parents did.

If Harperson and her bunch want to try to tackle her old favourite issue of class, they should sort out attitudes - all are clearly not equal, and that is the way things will stay unless they use the equality of opportunity they currently have.

Chances are this will create more non-jobs, more forms, etc too, which during a downturn is the last thing we need.

The only advantage the middle classes have is that generally they were brought up properly.

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