Saturday, 29 August 2009

Postal workers on strike again

It seems that, at least in Newport, they are, and I haven't received any post this morning.

It's about time that the CWU was taught that they cannot hold the country to ransom. Mail levels are falling, therefore jobs will fall, simple. The Royal Mail is already incapable of handling demand - last week I had to wait 20 minutes to pick up a parcel, and there were 7 counters closed. I'm sure they have too many counters open when demand is low too.

All of this stems from poor management, which is what happens when you put government in charge of absolutely anything. Royal Mail does not respond to demand, customer needs, or lack of government money. It's about time it was privatised to provide it with better management and demand responsiveness.

The argument that it is somehow necessary to have a government-run postal service is diminished by the advent of internet communications (note: provided by the market). The market would provide postal and courier services much more efficiently due to competition, with customers able to take their money and post elsewhere if, for example, something was lost in the post. It should also keep prices low.

So what if none of the private couriers will deliver government postage, the left cries? Is buying a few vans and using them too simple a solution for bureaucrats? Same response for the national security argument. Then of course the jobs argument, the main reason the CWU are striking, and it's one word - efficiency - the preserve of the free market.

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