Saturday, 12 June 2010

Teenage girls, abortions and underage sex

89 girls have had 3 or more abortions by the age of 17, according to the Telegraph. This in itself is utterly horrific - for someone who is completely opposed to abortion like myself, and should be for any person, even the pro-choicers.

But this statement got to me:

The head of Britain’s largest abortion provider said many young women were living chaotic lives that meant they could not organise contraception.

What utter rubbish. Ever heard of, urm, not having sex if you don't have contraception? Especially when you're below the age of consent anyway? I suppose in this age, everyone has to have what they want, whenever, regardless. Dr Saunders gets it right (emphasis mine):

Dr Peter Saunders, from the Christian Medical Fellowship, which represents Christian doctors, said that the figures were profoundly depressing. “It is increasingly clear that abortion is simply being used as a form of contraception by a growing percentage of girls and women, and that tired policies of values-free sex education, condoms and morning-after pills are not working,” he said.

I'm 18, I know what the pressures are like, and I know we are seriously lacking values in society. It's a real cause for concern - and my concerns about values are some of the things that put conservatism into the mix of my views, alongside classical liberalism (which is more economic).

Values, especially those of the moral kind, are generally a good thing, and about time that we re-adopted some.

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