Saturday, 9 January 2010

Progressive Conservatives

I don't consider myself a 'total' libertarian by any means, more of a classical liberal, so when the new Progressive Conservatives grouping came about I thought it fit my principles quite well.

Led by MP Syed Kamall, I think it gets straight to the point of what progressive conservatism is - shifting power back to the individual, be it social or economic. And I think that sums up my views quite nicely - give the responsibility of as much as possible to the individual, so government can't become too involved, too responsible, or left to do everything.

Take the snow. Why can't people clear their own "bit" of the pavement? Wouldn't that be more efffective than government? Sorry, Health and Safety doesn't allow it.

About time we trusted individuals, voluntary groups, just real people instead of government. The ends to my political philosophy.

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